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Art Direction Katharina Woellner

The maternal health booklet is one of the first important documents handed to a mother-to-be and because she is supposed to keep it updated for a long time, it holds a special role in a mother’s life, it keeps track of but also comes to symbolize one’s motherhood... 


When Katharina and I started brainstorming we really got stuck on the phrase „what to expect when you’re expecting“, because this is what it’s all about when you’re having your first child, right? The worries and fears that keep you up at night, but also the expectations and hopes you harbor and those of your peers. Which is why we focused on how babies tend to take over our lives and ‘invade’ our space seemingly overnight: Quite suddenly, after nine months of keeping it cool, they’re there to be cared and provided for; now there’s toys everywhere; there’s new noises, like whining and laughter; and in a team effort, there are new routines and joys to be discovered.

As our client’s medical office is located in Erfurt, a medium-sized city in the heart of Germany whose rich history reaches back to the 8th century, we also wanted to reference the medieval, architectural peculiarities that both Thuringia and its capital are famous for.   

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